2020 Oto / Tusk

Amos Ungar: dulcimer, sampler / Danil Gertman: digital drawing / Gosha Hniu: percussion, toys, cries and whispers / Grundik Kasyansky: feedback synthesizer, objects / Maya Pik: synthesizer, rocking chair, melodica / Ran Nahmias: silent cello, theremin.

Lyrics by
Arthur Molev. Mixed and mastered by Hniu. Released on TQN-aut.
Café Oto gig released on Otoroku label (DS123) in July 2018.

Press release

Members of psychedelic Russian / Israeli collective Staraya Derevnya rarely get to perform live together, so it’s with huge pleasure that we are uploading this one. After spending a week holed out in our Project Space, the group emerged to present 45 minutes of curious, home-brewed folk psych wonk made with objects, percussion, vocals and homemade instruments.  Live animated projection makes a large impact on each of their improvisations so be sure to check out the video of the night too.


Radio Free Midwich (Rob Hayler)

The brush descends the length (Rashied Garrison)

NARC Magazine (Lee Fisher)