2023 blue forty-nine
Gosha Hniu: objects, cries and whispers, marching band kazoo / Ran Nahmias: silent cello / Maya Pik: synthesizer, flute, drum machine / Grundik Kasyansky: feedback synthesizer / Miguel Pérez: acoustic guitar / Danil Gertman: inspiration.

Recorded on 10 August 2022 in London Café OTO by Billy Steiger. Mixed and mastered by Gosha Hniu.

Lyrics are based on the poems by Arthur Molev.

Blue Tapes artwork based on the original painting by Danil Gertman. Released by Blue Tapes on 3rd November 2023.
"It weaves like a sidewinder and it ticks like clocks. The largely improvised sound conjured by the fluid group of humans that is Staraya Derevnya is an elusive, enigmatic thing.

It feels unforced and organic, familiar and old. It feels like it’s crawling from the earth with a mission in mind, muttering spells at the night.

Some admirers have framed this bewitching noise as a type of krautrock or psychedelia, but neither of these feel right - I don’t sense hedonism or abandonment in these very deliberate if often abstract arrangements."