2010 From inside the Log

Gosha Hniu: cries and whispers, percussion, toys cymbals and objects, ac.guitar1,2,5,10 / Ig Yu Kun: el.guitar1,5,8,9, ac.guitar3,4,7,9, cl.guitar4,7, bass4,9, chorus9 / Timurti: hang5, sax2, flutes3,10, berimbau7,10, vargan10, harmonica3, wooden ocarina3 / Paul Turrel: bass1,10,11, kit2, piano8 / Guillaume Viltard: double bass1,3,7,8 / Uri Eichelmann: viola1,7,9, cl.guitar9, chorus9 / Yura Stolov: bass2,5, guitar-9511 / Seth Jackson: chorus4.

Lyrics by
Andrei Smourov1,3,5,10, Avenir Snyatkov1,4,7,11, Hniu1,2,10, Arthur Molev10, Amos Tutuola1,8, and Howling Wolf9.
Packaging and facade by
Ira Gerzon and Dima Sivov. Produced by Hniu in Haifa and London 2007-2010.

Foxy digitalis / Tome to the weather machine (english)
rock_club_il (russian)
wtfmusic.org (english)
Mmarshup (french)
Audioversity (english)
Songs appeared on singles: Onelegged2007 and The wall of trunks, the grumbling of leaves I’M THICKET2008